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Insider View: August 2014

Insider View: August 2014

Mainstream consumers are just as likely to consider free from and vegetable foods for their families as coeliacs and veggies.

Healthier options in food and drink are offered in many forms, with own brand ‘healthy’ ranges long established, particularly amongst the calorie conscious. But the most surprising trend has been in the serious consideration – and frequent adoption – of Free From products by a mainstream market. Young’s Free From Fish Fingers tested this month is a good example, achieving a good rating amongst mums who thought them ‘nice that they are gluten free’, ‘better than others’ and the less dramatic, but no less positive, ‘just like standard fish fingers’. Equally notable is the increase in numbers of vegetable foods, not just for veggies. Every month we see high ratings for new offerings. Asda this month have a top quartile rating for Red Pepper & Chick Pea Brazilian Grills and Tesco also scored highly with Mediterranean Vegetable Crepes and Microwave from Frozen Mediterranean Seasoned Irish Mackerel Fillets. These products are well crafted to mainstream needs, but some new generation products are still ahead of their time. CoYo Coconut Milk Yogurt – Raw Chocolate and Salt & Pepper Kale Crisps proved beyond the pale, setting new category low ratings in each instance.

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  • Lotus Caramelised Biscuit Spread takes the iconic coffee biscuit into a whole new sector – and the consumer loves it.    (Product of the month Review 140823)
  • Free From has broader health relevance for mums in Fish Fingers, as Young’s demonstrate. (Review 140803)
  • Great flavour, hot price – Nacho Fella Pizza with Jalapenos – a winner for Goodfella’s. (Review 140806)
  • New and different (81%) but not for me (86%) – the consumer verdict on M&S Kale Crisps. (Review 140807)
  • Tesco goes back to its roots – Levi Roots – for a top scoring Caribbean Hot Chilli Beef & Rice (Review 140844)
  • Original Um Bongo’s back – a retro 80’s drink more popular with adults than the kids (Review 140811)

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