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Insider View: March 2015

Insider View: March 2015

…… suppliers need to use every weapon in the marketing armoury to attract attention.

Our recent Shopper U&A* revealed that aside from the use of top quality ingredients, what attracted consumers most when considering a new product was either a ‘tempting product description’ or one that was ‘similar to something I’d tried before’. Taking a tried and tested idea and adding an innovative twist is a tried and tested route to tempt wary consumers, but works only if it is relevant and doesn’t increase the risk of expensive rejection. Many launches kick off with a price promotion to reduce this impact and stimulate trial. M&S have used this to good effect this month with their top scoring Squeezed Orange & Lime Juice with Juniper (ref 150336), currently part of a range offer of 3 for £5. M&S also provides a great example of the power of a good product description, with an enticingly named Super Sweet Potato & Blackbean Soup, 41 – an appetising prospect pre trial (46% probable/definite buyers), with strong health credentials. Much better than their Balanced for You Caribbean Jerk Chicken Soup, which had to work harder as it came in a rather understated pot and focussed on its rather worthy high protein/low calorie content (14% definite/probable buyers). Range extensions remain one of the most common ways of introducing new flavours, particularly for brands. But even here more unusual recipes have to work harder, even with familiar branding. Sacla’s Black Summer Truffle Pesto, was always going to be less mainstream than traditional pesto and proved too “weird” for consumers, many of whom have only recently adopted the standard variant. An increasingly important factor when selecting a new product (particularly if buying for kids) revealed in our Shopper Survey, was ‘if it looked like it was quite healthy’. If it’s competitively priced, looks and sounds appetising and offers some health benefit you are onto a winner – Aldi’s Fruit & Seed Mix, is a case in point; which sounded appetising and unprocessed with its Sunny Tropical name and Foodie Market sub brand. It was rated far higher for Health compared to a premium priced and somewhat challenging ‘superfood’ mix from Terrafetil UK: Goldenberry Power Mix.

* Source: Cambridge MR Shopper U&A Jan-Feb 2015, sample size: 360

Brand or Own Label: think innovation, think NPD, think Cambridge MR for the best advice and value for money. Contact Paul Beresford on 01223 492050 for details.

A TASTE OF CONSUMER OPINION. . . on premium foods

  • The not so niche Yogurt Alternative from The Coconut Collaborative may be dairy and gluten free, but its “creamy”, “fruity taste” won mainstream appeal. (Product of the month Review 150335)
  • Will Young’s Gastro Pink Salmon Alaska Pollock & Cherry Tomato Bake live up its ‘restaurant quality’ claim? Find out in (Review 150305).
  • From cooking ingredient to adult snack: Snacks di Parmigiano Reggiano. The real deal from Italy but limited relevance at £2.99 for a pack of 5. (Review 150317)
  • Deer filled pasta – definitely a dinner party talking point – Venison Tortelloni from The Fresh Pasta Company (Review 15031)
  • A great marmalade doesn’t necessarily translate into a good premium Ice Cream, as Wilkin & Sons demonstrate with their Tawny Marmalade Ice Cream. (Review 150311)

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