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Insider View: October 2015

Insider View: October 2015

….. but consumers are looking beyond organic provenance for other values that justify purchase and a higher price

Sales of organic products increased by 4% in 2014 to £1.86 billion according to the Organic Trade Board[1] in a year when food prices fell by 1.9%, and consumer spending by 1.1%. However, the figures disguise differences between categories, with many consumers tapping into organic for certain foods such as meat, baby food, yogurt and milk. The growing desire for unprocessed food now goes well beyond the affluent health-conscious shopper and augers well for the organic industry. However, products tested with a general sample through Fast Foodfax suggest that consumers look for additional benefits from Organic products (the Organic label is such a familiar sight on pack it is in danger of being overlooked), and the ones that are the most likely to sustain higher prices are those that offer both Taste and Health benefits. For example, Yeo Valley’s Lemon Curd N’ice cream was made with Organic ingredients, and whilst understood, it was the “creamy and indulgent” taste that boosted the overall score (49). Similarly, with Garcia Co’s innovative Organic Black Bean & Quinoa Tortilla Chips 30, it was the absence of gluten and the fact it was so different that proved the key selling points. The ‘virtue factor’ is an increasing feature of modern life, not least in food. In this month’s tests, the highest ratings for Health were achieved by products with simple, clean ingredients lists, often made with natural ingredients, like Iceland’s Creamy Spicy Lentils, Heinz’s Tagine Chickpeas, or Beloved Dates Ltd., Apple, Sultana and Date Muesli. Equally interesting is the claim on a Wholecreations Pizza that it is for a wider audience ‘whether or not you avoid gluten for health or lifestyle reasons’. The future certainly looks healthy for the Organic sector, but in a world where consumers face so much choice to aid in well-being, the industry must reinforce its message in the context of other ethically produced, environmentally friendly and healthy foods that are currently driving innovation.

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STOP PRESS: Our recent Bag Charge Survey[2] showed a positive response to the 5p bag charge. 61% were happy to bring their own bags; 31% equally happy to pay 5p for a bag.

  • ‘Better than Asda and Tesco’s’ Iceland hits the mark with their luxuriously presented Millionaire’s Apple Crumble with Caramel, scoring 48, (Review 151022)
  • The Paleo Diet featured this month – a Berry & Almond Grain-Free Granola (33) was all the better for being less sweet than traditional Granola (Review 151001) while The Primal Pantry Almond & Cashew Raw Paleo Bar (22) may be “less processed” but tasted ”dry (Review 151009)
  • And finally, check out Review 151029 to see why Princes Sweet & Sour with Pasta (no, we haven’t missed anything out) set a new minimum for the Ambient Ready Meal category.

[1] Organic Trade Board Market Report 2015

[2] Carrier Bag Survey, Oct 2015, Sample size: 226

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