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Insider View: June 2014

Insider View: June 2014

Insider View: June 2014

Communicating the right set of values and information on new products is vital to ensure pick up and consideration, increasingly so as we shop more on demand and online.

The traffic light system on our Fast Foodfax reports indicates the level of positive response a product is enjoying on the test journey, from Concept Appeal, and Product Performance through to Sales potential. One of the key changes we have seen since the recession is the growing importance of getting the message through to the consumer at the initial window of purchase consideration. Consumers are much warier in their approach to new products, with the role of packing and in particular design style and copy content, increasingly important in stimulating initial product pick up and in communicating what’s on offer. Success at this level is linked to higher ratings overall, which we’ve verified through extensive analysis of our database, but it’s signalled on every research report. Which brings us back to our traffic lights. This month 63% of the 71 evaluations started with an amber light at the concept stage; a warning that consumers were unsure, even when given more time than likely at fixture. Yet over half went on to achieve a green light for Sales potential having been enjoyed and rated well on value for money, but would they have achieved that opportunity at purchase decision? Think holistic communication.

Get your own pack values and communication right – explore your brand presentation through qualitative research with Cambridge MR. Contact Anne Brister on 01223 492050 to discuss how we can help.

  • Tregoes Toffee Waffles ticked all the boxes from Welsh provenance to ‘buttery indulgence’. Try one softened on a cup of coffee. (Product of the Month; Review 140623)
  • Sweet Potato, Paneer & Spinach Bakes yet another Meat Free winner from Tesco. (Review 140504)
  • Masterchef – good at defining culinary winners, but they can’t design a good Onion Gravy. (Review 140530)
  • Clotted Cream shortbread fingers from Paterson proved to be ‘addictive’ and ‘more-ish’. (Review 140534)
  • ‘Surprisingly nice’ summed up the response to Iceland’s Chocolate Chicken Curry. (Review 140621)
  • Thompsons Punjana, a distinctive Indian tea with three generations of family heritage. (Review 140624)

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