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Consumer i – British Sausages

Consumer i – British Sausages

Consumer i: British Sausages

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Since the release of the WHO’s report on the danger of processed meat, overall sales within the fresh sausage category have, not surprisingly, fallen in the past 12 months. Following on from previous concerns regarding quality, retailers have had to respond to these pressures through innovation, flavour development and quality improvement. British Sausage Week (31st October – 6th November) marks an important time of year for sausage sales with celebrations such as Halloween, Bonfire Night, and or course Christmas, all perfect occasions for feasting on this traditional British food.

We decided to put a selection of sausages to the test, to find out where to buy the best quality bangers, this Bonfire Night.

The Test…

A range of premium sausages were tasted with a sample of 52 regular buyers/consumers of sausages across the country. Tested blind (without knowledge of the brand or price), sausages were tasted in home panel tasting sessions, with the price and brand only revealed after tasting and rating each sausage. A selection of both Own Label and brands were selected to test.

The Verdict…

  1. Quality proved key. Overall quality was deemed a key driver of likelihood to purchase, as well as overall enjoyment. Despite numerous on pack claims surrounding provenance, pig breed and meat cuts of the sausages we tested, Lidl was the only retailer who really stood out as offering a premium quality sausage. With high ratings for quality perception, Lidl really overshadowed other retailers and brands in this area.
  2. Brand isn’t everything. The sausage category has seen a number of challenger brands enter the market within recent years, including the likes of Debbie & Andrew’s and HECK who we assessed in this taste test. On this occasion, Own Label significantly out-shone the two brands, who rather surprisingly received the lowest scores for taste, texture and overall quality.
  3. It’s all about the seasoning. Surprisingly, most of the sausages tested were considered to be too bland and lacking in flavour. Despite the use of good quality meat cuts, testers were critical in their assessment, and the lack of seasoning was highlighted.


The Winners…

Despite brands Debbie & Andrew’s and HECK using a high 97% pork content, they both received the lowest ratings for overall quality in this test. Waitrose also left participants disappointed with their Free Range Pork Sausages, which failed to live up to expectations for this retailer.

Tesco and Lidl were the real winners in this taste test, having clearly worked hard to produce a delicious and quality banger. Lidl’s Deluxe Pork Sausages stood out for their moist and succulent texture, whilst for Tesco, it was the perfect level of seasoning, combined with the ‘meaty’ pork which really helped to set them apart for overall taste. Morrisons also had a great quality sausage but was a little too greasy, whilst Aldi, despite offering great value, fell into the trap of being too tough and chewy. Asda sat behind the top four in fifth place, with a good quality sausage, albeit not as tasty as Lidl.

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