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Insider View: August 2015

Insider View: August 2015

…… but there are signs of change.

The frozen sector is having its moment after years of playing second fiddle to chilled. Better understanding of the convenience and quality of frozen food and a variety of new product lines can only further engage consumers. It is then up to the retailers to provide a more stimulating and enjoyable shopping experience for those shopping in-store to avoid the ‘last stop’ scenario, and to consider how they market frozen food on-line to maximise its value. The frozen sector is an ideal format to offer convenient ‘meal solutions’ with more exciting meat free options, such as this month’s Kerelan Curry from Tesco 46, offering added health benefits. As trends in health and well-being continue to strengthen, the challenge for the sector is to exploit the improved health perceptions of frozen food. Party foods have always been a core strength of the frozen sector, helped by a desire to plan ahead for large gatherings, and by the innovation offered by retailers like Iceland whose event lines are central to its business. Many party lines such as Sainsbury’s Prawn Selection (40) tested this month, stick to winning formulas and offer ‘safer’ options for those looking to satisfy a variety of tastes. Others aim to excite and offer more unusual party fare and this is where M&S and Waitrose, Whole Foods and Cook Food, (launched in 1997 and now rapidly expanding outside of the South East) excel. Many of Cook’s products are aimed at the growing market for ‘in-home dining’ and plenty of products (such as the Steak & Red Wine Pie, 37 tested this month) are aimed as a Friday night alternative to M&S or a gastro pub meal. Some of the 7 Cook products fared better than others when tested through Fast Foodfax this month.

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  • Lizi’s Gluten Free Granola was so tasty testers “couldn’t tell the difference between gluten free and regular” apart from the “expensive” £4.50 price tag (Showcase Product of the month Review 150837).
  • Delicious, creamy and gluten free can the Eat Real Soft Coconut Bar bring you ‘taste, nutrition and real, healthy ingredients’ as claimed? Most were happy to believe, despite the high calorie content. (Review 150844).
  • Yoplait promises ‘stronger bones’ with their new Cal-In+ range, with the addition of the in-vogue Vitamin D a key reason to choose this brand (Review: 150846)
  • And Uncle Ben’s brings Quinoa and Pearl Wheat into the mainstream with their 220g pouch; a “trusted brand” offering a “healthy” alternative to rice and pasta (Review 150832).
  • Booja Booja’s Dairy Free Ice Cream was “creamy for a dairy free product”, but too sweet to be a healthy option, and too pricey at £5.99 (Review 150810).

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