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Insider View: January 2017

Insider View: January 2017

January has been an exciting month for new food and drinks products. With our analysis of the most successful new food and drinks products in 2016 finished, (please click here for the full report) , there are some notable key trends that will likely continue this year.

Key amongst these trends, has been the well documented growth in creating healthier products. Findings supported by Kantar World Panel, that food purchased for health reasons is grP010117owing at four times the rate of the grocery market. Interestingly it was ‘healthy-ish’ snack products that dominated the rankings last year, as 3 of the top 5 ranking products were salty snacks. Granted they are products that would not aid in dropping a waist size, but by being baked rather than fried they allow consumers to enjoy their favourites treats at a lower calorie intake. Belvoir Fruit Farms, an entry for January 2017, is a clear example of this. Being alcohol free, again promotes that image of being able to enjoy foods or drinks with less harmful effects. While we plan to start a healthy eating regime, McCain’s Triple Cooked Gastro Chips may just help us ease into 2017, a product that consumers loved. It’s a shame that the start of 2017 has seen such limited supply of many salad vegetables; the weather is one thing none of us can control nor predict.

AnotheP020117r notable trend from last year, has been the rise in meat-free meals; more than a third of evening meals are now vegetarian. Many consumers are only eating meat occasionally, often saving it for weekends or special occasions, in the same way that many control their alcohol or dessert intake. This traditionally abstemious of months has seen several new meat-free product assessments including a popular Uncle Ben’s Moroccan Tagine with Long Grain Rice and the widely-criticised meat free Golden Crumb Schnitzels from the Fry Family Food Co that tasted like “minced up veg”. There is clearly a growing market of what Retail Analysts are calling Flexitarians – part time meat eaters – and yet there appears to be a lack of exciting and tasty meat-free convenience food. While the food industry tries to do its bit, ultimately, it’s down to us to take ownership of our own eating habits.

Here are some of the best performing innovations that we have seen in 2017 so far:



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