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Insider View: October 2014

Insider View: October 2014

Tempting product descriptions, a price promotion or a twist on a familiar idea will all boost interest in lesser known brands.

In our recent Shopper Behaviour Survey, 76% claimed that a promotional price was a key incentive to try a new product. The second highest driver of initial interest in purchase was “something I’ve tried before”, highlighting the inherent cautious nature of UK shoppers when it comes to trialling new ideas. When considering this month’s set of reports, there are many examples of this conservatism, especially if the price makes it an expensive risk. For example, Alfresco Drink’s Soft Brew Apple was rejected on price grounds (at £1.20 per 275ml bottle) whilst over 20% were tempted to try the Tabasco Marinade,The Good Whey Co’s Up Beat High Protein Dairy Drink or the Rowse Honey with a Hint of Cinnamon, only if they were on special offer. Of these new additions it was the ‘safer’ option of the flavoured honey that held the most relevance to consumers (Innovation/Relevance Rating: 20). 47% would consider buying a totally new product if they were familiar with the brand (all bar one of M&S’s many innovative entries this month generated above average concept appeal), but almost as important was a “tempting product description” (45%). This paves the way for new/lesser known brands, such as Portlebay Popcorn Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup – a familiar flavour combination used in a different context – to be trail blazers of interesting new ideas.

Brand or Own Label: think innovation, think NPD, think Cambridge MR for the best advice and value for money. Contact Paul Beresford on 01223 492050 for details – you don’t need to be a Foodfax subscriber.


  •  Burt’s Lentil Waves – Slightly Salted, this ‘crunchy snack’ was viewed as a healthier option ‘to die for’ – steady on there! (Product of the month Review 141002)
  •  Yet another veggie success – Love Veg Frittatas from Sainsbury – ‘mouth watering’ and ‘flavoursome’. (Review 141003)
  • Not just for dieters – Weight Watchers from Heinz Red Thai Chicken Curry. A handy midweek standby. 62% agreed it was ‘better than what’s out there’. (Review 141005)
  • Nature Valley Crunchy – Coconut Crunch- a new twist on a familiar concept, ideal for all the family. (Review 141001)
  •  Dessert Shots hit the target for Asda with 12 pots of ‘lovely flavours’. (Review 141010)
  • Clipper’s After Dinner Mints, a clever and refreshing alternative to coffee, if a little confusing. (Review 141012)

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