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Insider View: July 2014

Insider View: July 2014

Insider View: July 2014

Consumers have fallen our of love with big stores offering acres of choice, soaking up valuable time. Waitrose, M&S and the Discounters offer a more engaging shopping experience, delivering both the range and new ideas for today’s needs.

Last month we focussed on the rapid need to communicate the values and positioning of a new product in order to generate consumer interest and pick up in an increasingly congested market place. But, are other factors at work, for example just how interested in new products are consumers nowadays? At a time of pressure on the food £ consumers are risk averse – not prepared to spend money on products that might not go down well with the family. Then there is the big change at retail level. When researching the appeal of the Discounters a clear reason that consumers cited for changing store was the fact of less choice – the ability to find what they wanted quickly, often at a very high standard and at a great price. They didn’t want to be making choices at the point of purchase, preferring to spend time looking at the different foods they offered, the Special Buys, or simply getting out quicker. This may lie behind a consistent flow of depressed ratings for new products we have seen now for some while. Given the even greater levels of time pressure in the South it may also account for the equally consistent lower ratings awarded from Southern testers who seem much more cynical in their evaluation of new ideas.

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  • The new Walkers Market Deli concept proved attractive, with Roasted Red Chill Tortilla Chips matching up to expectations. (Product of the Month; Review 140715)
  • M&S Made without Wheat Quiche Lorraine proves again the category is improving and winning. (Review 140717)
  • Proven ideas are often the best, like this Jam & Coconut Sponge Pudding from Asda. (Review 140732)
  • Claimed to be a first, Lattice Sweet Chill Crisps from Seabrook impressed tasters. (Review 140731)
  • Muller Light Skinny Cappuccino may be ‘Voted by You’ but proved ‘disappointing’ for our tasters (Review 140734)(Review 140621)
  • M&S Still Blackcurrant & Hibiscus Lemonade – ideal for a ‘Summer of Flavour’ feature. (Review 140723)

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