An agency is only as good as the people who work for it. At Cambridge MR this applies at every level of the company including the interviewer teams, many of whom have worked loyally for us for many years. So when we were recently approached to undertake the biggest programme of product testing ever undertaken in the UK, we were able to do so. Our team delivered far beyond what could realistically be expected, with everyone working together for the good of the project.


Paul Beresford

A career spanning more than 40 years began with a management training programme at Sainsbury's that covered all aspects of retail operations before Paul joined the grocery buying team.


Food and drink subsequently provided a thread of continuity during periods of marketing management with companies including Reckitt & Colman, Nestlé and Nabisco, before Paul established a new product development agency, The Food Business, in the 1980s. Working with a portfolio of Blue Chip clients, within five years the agency had grown and acquired the complementary business of Cambridge MR.


Research has always been a part of Paul’s experience base, but it is his complementary skills in business management and strategic thinking that have shaped his approach to market research and how it can be most effectively used to add value to the decision-making process.



Steven Lawrence

Steven Lawrence has a career spanning over 30 years in the retail & financial services sector. In 1984 Steven started working for Midland Bank/HSBC for 8 years before becoming a customer service manager for Thomas Cook's Foreign Exchange.


Over the past 30+ years Steve has gained significant experience in a wide variety of areas including sales, operations & process management, product & business development and procurement obtained through working in competitive, customer focused and results driven environments.

Steve joined Cambridge Market Research in 2014 as commercial manager, and is responsible for the effective management of our continuous research projects from proposal to delivery. As well as managing client relationships and daily business issues, Steve is in charge of developing, reviewing and improving operational processes.

Managing Director - Operations


Alison Eddershaw

After gaining a BA Hons in Geography from University College London, Alison began her career at The MVA Consultancy as a Research Executive as part of the Social Research Team.


She joined Cambridge MR in 1991 as a Research Executive & over the years has expanded her understanding of statistics and the use of sophisticated analytical techniques whilst working on ad-hoc and continuous food and drink projects.


Alison has spent her career to date taking research data and bringing deep insights to clients through the application of Advanced Analytics using SPSS, QPS & ExcelStat. She keeps at the leading edge of current analytical methods and advises clients as to the best techniques to drive more insight from the data.


Alison works with the in-house analysis team in the use and application of advanced techniques, including ANOVA, regression, correspondence analysis, CHAID, Factor and Cluster Analysis, as well as in the effective application of our Simulated Test Market Model.

Insight & Development Director


Vicki Shepherd

Vicki graduated with a BA Hons in Geography and started her career with a Cambridge based economic development consultancy. As a graduate analyst, Vicki focused on sourcing data for a computer model designed to forecast the impact of transport schemes on the regional economy and development and analysing the subsequent outputs.

Vicki joined Cambridge MR in 2005 as a Research Executive and over time has developed her research knowledge and understanding to aid in her progression to Associate Director.


Vicki works as part of the research team on bespoke projects for clients managing both quantitative and qualitative research projects. With strong project management and analytical skills, Vicki’s expertise lies in delivering tailored research solutions.

Research Director


Mark Rooke

With over 30 years experience in Market Research and IT, Mark joined Cambridge MR in 1990. Prior to this, he obtained a high level of qualifications in Market and Social Research and computer sciences through the Open University.


As part of the Cambridge MR team, Mark has been instrumental in the consistent extraction of meaningful data for the benefit of clients whilst continually developing the company's IT systems in line with the ever-changing IT environment.

Mark is highly experienced in all aspects of Data Processing and IT systems, including electronic data capture methodologies such as CAPI, and the design of web based questionnaires. He also has a detailed knowledge of a wide variety of Market Research Software packages, including Snap, QPS, Merlin & SPSS.

IT Manager