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Consumer Feedback – Essential in Quality Management

Top 4 FMCG Retailer
About This Project

We worked with one of the country’s major retailers to support its quality management initiatives with external validation, including the provision of detailed feedback on fresh produce and chilled foods, from ‘depot to dustbin’. Central to this is an extensive programme of benchmarking by Cambridge MR at key locations across the UK to check the performance of the client’s foods against those of key competitors covering an extensive range of fresh and prepared products from across the store.


Cambridge MR is involved in every stage of the process right from product pick up, providing feedback on fixture condition and availability and comparative product testing through to in home shelf life feedback against best before dates. This programme offered the client multiple benefits including detailed point of purchase information from key UK locations relevant to their business, as well as early alerts on poor performing products at the time of test. This immediate quality assessment allows the client to identify problem batches and re-stock their shelves, saving tens of thousands of pounds, and ensuring optimum customer satisfaction. Blind testing using a representative sample of consumers, probes values impacting on the factors impacting on the decision to buy at POP, responses on key measures of product performance and finally likelihood to buy. The performance of each product is placed in the context of competitor ratings and identifies any potential issues related to supply and handling through the distribution chain. Shelf life reporting identifies any issues by region and contributes to an overall rating of performance used in the client’s quality management programme.