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The Grocer – Own Label Food & Drink

About This Project

Since its inception in 2006, The Grocer Own Label Food & Drink Awards reward the most outstanding products from the own-label category each year. Cambridge Market research are proud to be part of the judging process, conducting consumer research for each and every product. Each entrant receives a full and in-depth consumer report generated by Cambridge MR.


The number of entries has grown each year with over 1200 products submitted by retailers and suppliers in 2016. Judged in round one by demographically representative regional consumer panels organised by Cambridge Market Research, and expert judges in round two, these awards look at a range of measures, including: taste, content, appearance, packaging, labelling and value for money.


Cambridge MR conducts testing with a minimum sample of 50 respondents from six sampling sessions across the country, and entrants are able to select their most appropriate test group by consumer base. We can place the findings in the context of products previously entered into The Grocer Own Label Food & Drink Awards or tested through our own Fast Foodfax service.