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Cambridge Market Research is a full service agency covering all aspects of market research. Please use the links below to explore the key services we offer.

  • Quantitative Research

    • Most of our quantitative research is carried out face-to-face, and years of experience has taught us what methods are optimum for each individual project we work on.

  • Qualitative Research

    • Our qualitative research team are experts in getting into the mindset, motivations and drivers of behaviour, using a full range of techniques to achieve results for your business.

  • Customer Experience

    • We can use our comprehensive experience and established panels to provide Mystery Shopping and Digital Research services that get you invaluable insight into your market.

  • Consultancy

    • 30 years of industry experience – We enjoy exceptional knowledge and understanding of food and drink from a consumer, shopper,  supplier retailer perspective – insight that can benefit any organisation.

  • Product Testing

    • We are proud to say we conduct more product testing than any other market research agency in the UK; why not let us use our expertise to help you achieve the optimum launch for your product?

  • Quality Management

    • We know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to quality – let us help you ensure the products you’re serving to your customer base are as effective as possible.

  • New Product Development

    • The launch of a new offering can be a difficult time, but Cambridge Market Research have honed a ten stage new product development process with a track record of success.

  • International Research

    • We have a great deal of experience in international research, and we can offer you a team with the skills and understanding required when dealing with a global market.

  • The Cambridge Suite

    • We offer a fully equipped, spacious studio and viewing room that provides a professional yet comfortable location for clients to observe group discussions via a TV link.

  • Field Research

    • We strongly believe in using the right research among the right people, and we can enlist our national network of interviewers and supervisors to carry out face-to-face fieldwork.

  • Hard to Reach Groups

    • Market research specifically directed at children and the elderly can be tricky, but our expertise in this field ensures we always achieve results.

  • Advanced Analytics

    • Combined with our vast market knowledge, we can offer deep insight into your research data and brand health through the use of detailed models and segmentation schemes.

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