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Advanced Analytics


At Cambridge MR we pride ourselves on our advanced analytics. We use a wide range of methodologies to delve deeply into your data and deliver accurate and usable insights.

Advanced Analytics

We are in an unique position of being able to benchmark new products against our extensive and unrivalled product databases. We spend time working with clients to ensure that they will maximise value for money from their research investment and focus on selecting the techniques that expose the truths that lie behind the numbers.


Using our own UK based data processing team ensures we are confident your data will be clean, ready to analyse and will meet your timing and research objectives.

Our analytics work comes from the curious, restless spirit which infuses each and every member of the Cambridge Market Research team. We go above and beyond in order to understand the relationships in data and the stories they are telling us. We will not bombard you with big words or patented tools with clever names; rather, we bring tried and tested techniques appropriate to the issues being researched.


Detailed, thorough and insightful, our advanced analytical team speak both ‘stats’ and English. They can clearly and simply explain what we have done and how it impacts on our interpretation of the data, ensuring our reports are understandable and actionable.

The Advanced Analytics Team
Brand Health

Cambridge MR can also help assess how strong your brand is compared to your key competitors. Access to data in over 115 product categories allows us to highlight those attributes that have the most influence on purchase intention and overall liking in individual product sectors. We calculate brand strength by evaluating your brand compared to other relevant brands on key success drivers. Our drivers analysis helps you to understand the most important things to get right to ensure consumer satisfaction. Drivers are usually derived using overall opinion as the dependent variable, but as our methodologies are always designed around your objectives and with your needs in mind, the recommended dependent variables may alter. Besides providing a relative brand strength score, we offer a relative value score, which takes price into account.  This is particularly appropriate for categories where there is a significant variance in the selling price of products. Communications tracking is included in many of our brand health studies, where we evaluate the influence of comms on your brand strength; in all cases, our tracking studies are entirely tailored to suit your requirements.

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