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Field Research


We believe that using the right methodology among the right people is the bedrock of any market research programme aiming to deliver valuable insights.

Field Research

Some in our industry have predicted the death of face-to-face fieldwork. It is often hard to do and seen as expensive. Concerns over respondent quality also surface from time to time. At Cambridge MR we do conduct online research, both using our own small panels and through outsourced panel providers. We, like many, see the value of online for some research needs. However, we also see great benefit in face-to-face fieldwork and we are proud of our national network of interviewers and supervisors, many of whom have been with us for many years.


Some have come to us more recently as other agencies have moved away from personal interviewing. We are active members of the MRS and maintain the high standards of training and monitoring of interviewers required to deliver great research. Our network is responsive and flexible with tablet and handheld CAPI data collection used where appropriate to ensure speed of response.

To find out more, call Lyn Speed on 01223 955422