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International Research


Cambridge MR are experienced in international market research. Many of our executives have worked in international markets, and we have a network of agencies which we operate alongside.

International Research

We believe the key to great international research is control, not ownership. Some agencies will want you to work with their own companies around the world, but quality is not always consistent in all offices. We do not subscribe to this model, and try to see things from the client’s view, not the agency’s view. All our clients benefit from a single point of contact for all communications, regardless of how many markets the study covers, and we keep costs low throughout. You can have confidence that the work will be done well, regardless of which country the research is in – we understand the cultural differences across markets. We are an agency with the skills to execute international projects with the minimum of fuss and without constantly needing to refer to the client, and we know how to synthesise results without losing individual nuances.

Are you an international company looking at the UK market place? We also offer agencies from outside the UK an excellent fieldwork service, whether in qualitative or quantitative research. We understand your needs and can deliver a cost-effective solution when you are looking for UK research, whether this entails fieldwork alone, or a full service with detailed reporting to a template you may have. Please visit our services page to explore the scope of our market research offering, or contact us directly – we’d love the opportunity to help you get the most of the UK marketplace.

UK Research

To find out more, please contact us on 01223 492050