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Home Test Interviewer Recruitment


Are you interested in getting paid to help improve the range of food and drink products on the market, from your own home?

We regularly conduct testing of food & drink products on behalf of major supermarkets and suppliers and have done so for over 30 years. We have a large network of Home Test Interviewers covering all areas of the UK.

 We are looking for people willing to recruit their friends and neighbours and convene food tasting groups in their own home to boost our “Neighbourhood Network”.

 You will need space to seat up to 9 people, a reliable internet connection and basic computer skills. Some cooking will be required on most tests. These will be individual products, not meals. You will be required to show your participants various products that they will then answer questions about using their own tablet, smartphone or laptop.

 You will be provided with training material and support. All expenses are paid. All tests require preparation beforehand and some require shopping at various supermarkets. The whole process can take 2-4 hours. Payment varies by project but, as a guide, you can earn between £65 and £85 per group,
subject to following strict quality control guidelines.

 If you are a hard worker, with great attention to detail, who loves food & drink and socialising in their own home and would like more information about what is involved,

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