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At Cambridge Market Research, we have been using our unrivalled experience of markets and consumers for the benefit of our clients for over thirty years.


Our research solutions reflect our heritage as both clients and marketers, not just as researchers. Solid solutions, clear and focused business insights, always going above and beyond what is called for in the brief, are the things that characterise Cambridge MR and why our clients come back to us. We take a pragmatic and practical approach. We do not have black boxes or cleverly named ‘products’ masking a one size fits all approach, but look at each issue with fresh eyes. We may challenge the brief, or the assumptions made, but only as a result of an informed dialogue with our clients.


Our values reflect who we are as people: thoughtful, inquisitive, restless and curious yet knowledgeable and business focused. They reflect the people we work with; people at the sharp end of supply and retailing. Our clients include market research and insight teams but are frequently also NPD and marketing directors, brand managers and managing directors. People for whom the bottom line is the key thing; people who draw upon market research to better inform their decisions; people who are interested in the ‘need to know’ details rather than simply the ‘nice to know’.


Our team is much more than just our Cambridge-based head office staff. We have developed a complementary network of interviewers and respondents that is unique to us; no other UK agency offers this methodology. We call it our Neighbourhood Net. The concept is simple: our nationally dispersed interviewers have each developed a network of respondents who can be called upon to conduct research at short notice and at a lower cost than traditional recruitment. Interviewers know their respondents and can select for minority or difficult to find samples.


The CambridgeMR team includes individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise, not just in Research but also including Food and Drink, Retail, Consumer Package Goods, Sensory and Public Sector. We tailor our project teams to ensure that clients benefit from those with the most relevant skills and experience.


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