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Packaging Research

Understand and improve your product appeal, functionality and ultimately, sell more.

First impressions count!

You might have developed the perfect product but is the packaging motivating people to pick it up off the shelf?

Your packaging needs to stand out to consumers, amongst competing products, correctly describing, promoting and representing the product inside. It is essential that the product expectations conveyed by the packaging are accurate, as any mismatch between product and packaging risks customer dissatisfaction. The packaging needs to fit the product, but also with your wider brand, and can strongly influence the overall customer experience.

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Image by Dylan Gillis

We provide full packaging solutions, from testing ranges of packaging concepts online or in-depth assessments of fully developed packaging in panels.  Online tests allow for multiple packaging concepts to be assessed and compared, testing the impact on preference, product expectations or purchase intentions of different designs. 

We can investigate the impact of the product claims and descriptions on pack, the sustainability of materials used, the practicality of the design for product usage, the visibility of the product inside, or simply the images, colours or fonts used. Panels or product placements meanwhile enable respondents to handle the packaging directly, feeling the weight and textures of materials used, experiencing the sounds and smells of the packaging, assessing the ease of opening and resealing - the full consumer experience.

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