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Claims Testing & Consumer Endorsement

Let your product do the talking.

Want to make a marketing claim to promote your product's quality and value to consumers? 

We have extensive experience of Claims and Customer Endorsement Testing and can offer independent research to satisfy ASA requirements.

The world of on-pack claims for products can be challenging to negotiate. Standalone claims such as 9 out of 10 agrees this delivers ‘great flavour’ provide clients with key claims for marketing comms. Whilst competitive claims can be powerful in highlighting superior ‘better than’ or an ‘as good as’ performance when compared to a leading competitor. Cambridge MR will design a bespoke approach to ensure a controlled test and robust data for use in both standalone and competitive claims. Clear guidance is provided on the type of claims that could be made, referring to the ASA where required.

We always recommend Claims Testing uses a robust sample size, evaluating products in a controlled environment. 
Often testing is completed blind (without branding) and consumers are asked a series of preference questions to determine potential marketing claims.

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Image by Alena Jarrett

This type of research can provide reviewer comments to use as a Customer Endorsement for marketing, and is a great way of gaining reliable, trusted and accountable comments about your product. 
These can be used by your business to promote awareness and sales of new product lines.


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