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Want to know what makes a good score for your product category?

We can provide the context using our unique database of more than 30,000 product evaluations across 450+ food and drink categories.

A clear path to obtaining consumer insight on food and drink innovation.

Foodfax has been independently sourcing and reviewing new products with consumers continuously for over 30 years.

Our database of more than 30,000 new product assessments across 450 plus categories of Food and Drink is continuously updated with a stream of curated consumer reviews on product innovations as they hit the market.
Whether you’re a consumer looking for product reviews you can trust, or an industry partner eager for insight on your products and those of your competitors’, Foodfax is a great place to start!

Get your product tested from only £499

New & Different

Products are sourced by our own shoppers, from in-store checking, on-line monitoring, or from innovations sent to us direct. We test virtually every week.

In Home

As most products are intended for in-home prep and consumption we use our unique Home Test format. Controlled testing and reviews using our network of trained Hosts.

Trusted Reviews

Reviews obtained by testing in a controlled and competitive set context using valid statistical comparisons and direct consumer feedback.

Formal & Informal

Structured questioning to give us hard numbers to compare with our unique database, plus Star Reviews and feedback in consumers own words.

People Like You

Balanced reviews from every lifestage and dietary choice. Plus dedicated Junior Panels for Kids products – and we test across Great Britain to ensure regional coverage.

Tailored to Product

One size doesn’t fit all. Dedicated questioning is specifically designed for Food, Fresh Produce, Hot & Cold Drinks, Alcohol, Personal and Home Care lines…


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