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Quality Management

Products have to be continually monitored to check performance against an ever-shifting competitive environment.

Want to ensure your products stay at the top of their game?

We offer bespoke programmes of work to ensure your products are tested and retested against competitor products at regular intervals across the year.

Staying on trend and keeping up with changes in your product category is tricky and time-consuming, but we are on top of it!

Trend analysis and regular testing programmes can ensure you are aware of any market changes and can stay ahead, ensuring your product continues performing highly in a constantly evolving market.

From a single test to a full programme we can help.

A compelling Quality proposition is essential to help to increase the size and value of the average Shopper Basket.

Our operational strength allows us to test a lot of products quickly and efficiently. We can shop, de-brand and distribute products across the UK to our network of interviewers.

Packaging of Order

Customer benchmarking provides an independent, ‘blind’ product test with a focus on key attributes.

We can tap into our market knowledge and unique Foodfax Database to demonstrate what makes a good score in each category.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

We can explore the role of price and brand and their impact on purchase intent as well as providing greater granularity through product specific questioning.

This type of test also provides Star Ratings and reviews that can highlight potential hero lines for promotional featuring.


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