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Concept Testing

Save time and money - Identify the winning ideas before you invest in developing, making and launching them.

Have you got lots of ideas for new products but not sure which ones to progress to the next stage?

By conducting an online concept test, consumers can view the concepts and express their opinions on each idea. Conducting a concept screener provides a clear indication of the ideas that fail to excite the consumer and those which have the greatest potential for success.

Image by Mae Mu
Image by Austin Distel

Concept testing allows you to find out who each concept is appealing to and if there is a certain demographical profile, most likely to purchase the concept.

You can also use this research to test different naming or packaging options. As always, it's key to test with the right people, to find the answers you are looking for and we can recruit a national representative sample, or we can target a particular audience based on your brand and concepts.

Image by Studio Blackthorns


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