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Range and Value

What should I put on my shelf to sell?
What is the optimum range of recipes and flavours?


While a focus on product Quality is essential to guarantee repeat sales, so too is the need to optimise your Range and work on Value Optimisation to maximise profits.

How do we do it?

At Cambridge we have our own in-house Digital department, providing access to the latest statistical software packages and experienced Analysts.

Are you unsure of your target market? 

Sometimes we have to understand differences in attitudes and behaviour to appreciate who is most likely to buy a product or service. Consumer Segmentation can really help you to understand your customers.

Image by Jennifer Gentner
Image by Adrien Delforge

Are you struggling to decide which flavours to launch?  

Turf analysis will show you which combination of flavours will get you the greatest reach and the highest purchase frequency. 

Do you want to gauge which new products have the most sales potential?  

Volume Sales Prediction Modelling can help identify market potential. 

Image by Carlos Muza
Image by Markus Winkler

Are you unsure what price to pitch your product at?  

Trade-off Analysis and Pricing Research can help to understand the best pack and price point to maximise profit margins.


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