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Online Research

A fast and effective way to reach large numbers of people in a short space of time.

We offer fresh thinking to every survey we design. On-line surveys should never be boring or routine.

Choose from our end-to-end survey solutions to meet your needs. We can target any group, including hard-to-reach consumers, and design a survey to get the answers you need.

On-line surveys are a great way of reaching a lot of consumers quickly to get opinions and reactions to test concepts, evaluate pack design, communications and gauge usage and attitudes. Engaging remotely allows us to tap into larger sample sizes, allowing for greater analysis to help make informed decisions.

Our experienced researchers will work with you to design surveys that are engaging and dynamic to encourage uptake and completion rates and are optimised for both desktop and mobile. They also allow for stimulus to be uploaded whether this is images, audio or video clips, allowing for concept testing or NPD research.

Image by Carlos Muza
Image by Headway

Our in-house Digital team script, monitor and analyse the data to provide speedy, accurate and insightful feedback. Rigorous quality checks are carried out in-house to ensure any 'straightliners' or 'speeders' are removed from the results to guarantee genuine responses. This allows our researchers to provide a detailed PowerPoint presentation containing targeted recommendations.


Cambridge Market Research, Unit H
South Cambridge Business Park, Babraham Road, Sawston. CB22 3JH

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