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Fieldwork & Recruitment

We keep our Fieldwork in-house to ensure total control.

Have a project you need recruitment only for?
Do you only need high quality fieldwork?

As well as offering on-line surveys, we specialise in managing in-person interviews using a range of methodologies including Central Location, Home Placement and Home Panel tests. 

With a dedicated in-house field team, we also have capability for recruitment and fieldwork only projects. Our exclusive Neighbourhood Net provides an evolving supply of potential participants across the whole of Great Britain enabling us to easily reach niche audiences.

With Great Britain wide interviewer coverage, we can conduct face to face on-street, door to door, in-store, and hall interviews. 

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As an MRS Company Partner we ensure all fieldwork and recruitment is conducted to a high standard.

What is a CLT (Central Location Test)?

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Central location testing is a type of product market research that is conducted at a single location, in a controlled environment. 

They are often conducted in community settings such as restaurants, shopping centres, churches, community centres and city-centre eateries. 

What is an Interviewer Controlled Home Panel?

A Cambridge Interviewer Controlled Home Panel test is unique to Cambridge MR.  It is in effect a mini central location test, conducted in the homes of our trained interviewer hosts, under controlled conditions.
Participants are pre-recruited to arrive at a set time, allowing pre-planned preparation and the food or drink to be prepared as instructed and served at its best.
It is an ideal format for recruiting hard to find/niche/target groups within the community.

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Tests are conducted simultaneously in regionally spread locations, to ensure quick and efficient data collection. Around 9 participants attend each test location, i.e. for 50 consumers to assess a product, we spread data collection across 6 GB locations.

What is a Home Usage Test?

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In a Home Usage Test the product is given to consumers to use at home as they would normally.

This gives them the ability to evaluate a product after using it for a long period of time rather than just a few minutes and as a result, their feedback is much more accurate and in-depth. 

Ideal for understanding usage and assessing pack functionality.

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Cambridge Market Research, Unit H
South Cambridge Business Park, Babraham Road, Sawston. CB22 3JH

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