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Product Testing

We can test any product from Naan to Nappies, Tomatoes to Tofu and Cake to Cling Film.  

We test products in the most relevant environment. We believe people need to see, smell and touch to be able to fully evaluate them.  

Product testing can support new product development or troubleshoot existing products that are underperforming. We can provide quantitative or qualitative research options, with expert advice in choosing which fits your needs and budget.

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Receive valuable consumer feedback with a bespoke questionnaire, targeted to a sample of consumers of the appropriate category. We will ensure that the next step is clear, whether that be reformulation or confidence in the next stage of NPD. Get the most out of the data with our analysis based on in-depth knowledge of the food & drinks sector, in addition to market research experience.

Standalone or a benchmark test?

Do you need a product tested, either on its own or compared to a competitor? If so, we can help. 

We have an in-house Field Team and our unique Neighbourhood Network allows us access to a wide range of consumers across UK.

We can test any product including with hard-to-reach groups such as Vegans, Coeliacs etc.

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We pre-recruit for a lot of our testing, so that we ensure we test with the right people at a time they are actively engaged in the process.

Interviewer-led testing – either in a Home Panel or Community Hub / Central Location Test, ensures the products are prepared and tested in the optimum condition.

In-home testing to understand the full user experience can be conducted across the country.

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We can shop, de-brand and distribute any products to our network.

Truly innovative products often have no benchmark. At Cambridge we can provide that using our extensive Foodfax Database which is split across over 450 product categories.


Cambridge Market Research, Unit H
South Cambridge Business Park, Babraham Road, Sawston. CB22 3JH

01223 492050

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