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Hard to Reach Groups


Cambridge MR continues to believe in the value of face to face testing, of getting close to the consumers who matter for each and every research project we undertake.

Age Specific Testing

We pride ourselves on continuing to be able to reach consumer groups that others cannot reach. We maintain a full UK Field capability, complemented by our own Neighbourhood Net of respondents across the country and an on-line capability that enables us to find hard to reach groups in the community. They might be minority sub-sets of benefit claimants, those receiving care in the community, or Coeliacs. Standard food testing may have an age ceiling, but we have also worked with clients to conduct research in care homes with a very elderly – often chronically ill – sample.


We have a wealth of expertise in conducting research among children as young as five, and are well equipped to deal with the unique issues involved in research among children and young people – including ethical issues and the practicalities of recruitment and questionnaire design. We have also conducted a number of product testing and observation exercises among mothers of babies aged 0 to 18 months. We routinely do Fast Foodfax testing among children when appropriate, which, like Neighbourhood Net studies, are conducted in the Interviewer’s homes, providing a much more normal and familiar environment for children to come along and take part without anxiety. Our Neighbourhood Net provides a safe environment for parents and children to come to test products, or to talk about new ideas, products and media communications, or simply to evaluate existing products in the market.

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