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Foodfax has just got even better!

Testing the latest new entries into the market for the last 35 years Foodfax keeps us at the very forefront of the latest food and drink trends.

In the last year we have introduced a number of exciting additions:

Purchase Intention at the 25% and 50% offer prices as well as full RRP.

An Overall Star Rating.

A full list of 50 Reviewer comments.

Now we have gone even further and 2019 brings:

More targeted testing with reviews from category buyers.

Seasonal Norms for those crucial Easter and Christmas lines.

Value for Money and Purchase Intention weights for Treat/Special Occasion items.

A clearer focus on potential buyers to help identify those products most likely to succeed. Niche audiences: We can reach a range of consumers from Flexitarians and Coeliacs to Parents with babies.

The opportunity to obtain qualitative feedback about your product(s) with a Post Test Discussion.

To test your product as part of our Foodfax programme buy into our Omnitest and receive an exclusive & confidential extended report, benchmarked against category norms.

Prices from:

£299 for Non Rejectors

£359 for Category Buyers

£499 for Niche Audiences

£995 for a Post Test Discussion

Get in touch for more information and to test your product.

Tel: 01223 492050 Email:

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