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4 Great Products to try for Spring

Iceland Hash Brown Fries 48/50

Given a 4 Star + rating by 86% of Reviewers, these were thought suitable for all ages and for a variety of occasions - from a weekend breakfast fry up to an evening snack in front of the TV.

Morrisons 4 Bunny Crumpets 44/50

A cute design for Easter, these Bunny Crumpets proved hard to resist and not just for those with kids. A 'fun' treat with a particularly 'light' and 'fluffy' interior.

Aldi Very Berry Hot Cross Buns 48/50

Half of our Reviewers gave these Aldi Hot Cross Buns a 5 star review. They were described as 'moist' yet 'light', with plenty of fruit and a distinctive aroma and taste of berries.

Tesco Milkshake Malties 44/50

Many adult Reviewers were surprised by how much they enjoyed this cereal. 'Crunchy’ with a strong strawberry flavour and the resulting pink milk was expected to be a hit with kids.

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