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6 For Summer

Summer has been the main focus of product development this month.

Tilda Summery Rice Salad 39/50

Good value prompting regular purchase interest for one in five. Ideal to accompany "salads or barbecues".

Vita Coco Cold Brew Coffee 31/50

This Cold Brew Coffee made with coconut milk was highly rated for Taste and Refreshment.

Pimm’s Strawberry, Tangerine & Mint Preserve 34/50

An intriguing concept drawing upon the heritage of this iconic summer drink, but pricey at £2.49

Tiptree Sriracha Mayonnaise 29/50

On-trend but the spicy aftertaste was polarising.

Fab Raspberry Doughnut with a jammy core 38/50

A new twist for this iconic ice lolly, this Raspberry Doughnut variant was often described as "OK“ by adult testers but would make "a cheap treat for the kids“.

Sainsbury’s Beetroot & Pomegranate Slaw 37/50

An exciting concept, offering a novel twist to a well-established salad accompaniment. Has the potential to liven up mid-week meals or be a talking point at a BBQ.

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