Summer in the supermarket – a blossoming of new products

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Ask the average Brit what summer food means to them and you’ll get a very mixed response. Optimists will probably talk about enjoying a Burger with a drink on a sun-baked lawn, or savouring a Magnum on the beach before it melts. Others reminisce of huddling around steaming Fish and Chips whilst sheltering from a bracing sea breeze, or sharing a sausage roll and wasp-dodging in the park.

Like in most seasons, summer food plays an integral part of the pleasures and memories of life. To rise to the moment retailers and suppliers have been introducing a more innovative range of salads, BBQ meats, dips, snacks, table sauces and tempting summer desserts. Not that they have been neglecting upcoming trends, but have instead been focussing their attention on the more accessible new food and drink products that have been trending on social media. Products aimed at the growing meat-free and Vegan market and other popular innovations including probiotic and gut friendly drinks, protein enriched snacks and ‘healthy’ desserts for a ‘feel good’ summer.

We have tested a range of summer foods this month, but the reaction has been mixed. In fact, just 29% met or beat their category average and the highest scorer by far was a simple frozen